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Waupun Equipment set to deliver 10 loads of donated hay to drought stricken Oklahoma and Texas neighbors, but more is still needed.

Waupun, Wis. –                 The first load of donated hay was delivered to a drought stricken area near Altus, Oklahoma in late September. But as organizers of the Waupun Equipment Hay Drive have come to discover, there is more work to be done.

Waupun Equipment began sponsoring a hay drive to rally Wisconsin farmer’s to donate hay that will be transported to areas in Texas and Oklahoma.  The first load was delivered in September and a second load is slated to arrive this week.

“We currently have enough hay donated to fill an additional 8 semis,” says Carrie Mess, Waupun Equipment marketing director. “While we’re still encouraging donations of hay, we’re also looking for assistance with transportation costs. Even with generous discounts from our trucking partners it costs around $2,500 to deliver each semi load of hay.”

Waupun Equipment has partnered with local agriculture agencies in the communities where the hay will be shipping to ensure it is distributed to those who need it the most.

“The hay that was sent is truly appreciated,” said Kerrick Hunter — Multi-Line Agent Oklahoma Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company. “It is eye candy to cattle producers in our part of the country who have been forced to stare at their brown pastures all spring and summer. I have been talking to some of these guys and one of them described it as ‘hay from heaven.’”

The drought conditions will continue to have a serious impact on agriculture. Consumers can expect to see an added cost for beef over the next several years at the grocery store as herds continue to be culled in Texas and Oklahoma.

“Unless they receive hay to feed the animals, many of the ranchers will have to sell their entire herds, it will take years to build them to a point where prices will again stabilize,” says Mess. “Add to it the popularity and greater demand for US beef overseas, and you can see the situation we’re in unless there is additional assistance to feed the herds.”

Waupun Equipment continues to accept donations of hay at their two store locations, W7256 Hwy 49 West, Waupun or W4681 Hwy 19, Watertown. Additionally, cash donations can be sent to the Waupun Equipment Hay Drive Fund C/O The National Bank of Waupun 210 E Main St, Waupun WI 53963. Online donations are accepted via Paypal on the Waupun Equipment website, http://www.waupunequipment.com/haydrive

For additional information about the drive or how you can help, please contact Carrie Mess at Waupun Equipment, 920-324-3597 or carrie@waupunequipment.com

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