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  1. Steph says

    Sounds like you had a nice adventure on Carries Farm! Carrie I hope that someday you and your hubby will have a farm of your own!

  2. Eddie Borst (@eddieborst) says

    Carrie you truly are an advocate for the Ag industry. The NonDairyCarrie Project is definately reaching out to inform people not only on the way of life but also of the adversities that today’s farmers face in their everyday operations. Educating people is really the only way this can be accomplished. Sarah summed it all up when she commented on whipping a gallon of milk off the shelf in her local market not thinking twice about all that goes into its existince. Sarah regretted not taking a drink of the whole raw milk no doubtly her “woosiness” comes from the supposed horror of drinking something that was once a staple of every red blooded American. I grew up drinking the warm buttery elixir everyday. We churned the buttermilk into butter and my folks actually drank cream in their coffee. It was really cool though how she explained the personalities of the animals she observed and all those things together made an experience she will talk about with all her city folk friends.

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