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  1. Eddie Borst (@eddieborst) says

    I really enjoy these stories and the personal experiences your guests share. I also enjoy that moment when the reality of it all hits home. You tuly are accomplishing what you wanted to with this series of blogs, to inform the people of the realities of farming and where it is heading in the 21st century. It is good to see your guests keep their sense of humor when the reality does sink in. Yes, bacon comes from slaughtering pigs and T-bones and hamburger from cows. But that all aside is the fact that the public relies on the farmer for their very existence through the food we eat, and the choices the farmers make while producing said food. Do I want organic everything? Do I want BST in my dairy? What effects will these pesticides have on my environment? What effects does genetically engineered seed have on nutrition? Farming isn’t just plowing up soil and putting seed in the ground it has become an ongoing education in Agronomy, Accounting, Animal Husbandry, and choices that follow a long chain of rules, regulations, and laws. So Bravo to the farmer who takes on these challenges and faces them head on so we can all enjoy a healthier existence together.

  2. Barrows Farm says

    Carrie, thanks for sharing this experience with all of us. I think it’s great that Krista got a chance to visit the real farmville.

    So when are you adding goats and sheep? LOL

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