What to watch for in 2012 on DairyCarrie.com


Just thought I would throw a few ideas and plans I have for this blog in 2012. Of course this blog is a reflection of my life so farming, cows and farm life in general is going to continue to be a huge part of my posts. Of course I will come up with random ideas that aren’t even a glimmer in my eye just yet… I also hope that you guys, the folks reading this, will let me know if there is something you think I should talk about or even shut up about.



  • One of the things I am most excited about for 2012 came out of the #NonDairyCarrie project. My friend Carrie (@CandidCarrie ) who was kind enough to do this post came up with the idea of the two of us having conversations about food, farming practices and life in general and posting them here.  As she puts it, ” I am like average Joe, I know nothing about this farming stuff, I just know everyone is talking about eating healthy.” Carrie is incredibly funny and her perspective is something I am really excited about. Don’t worry it won’t be a dry read… Here is a little sneak preview! We are calling it #DairyCandidCarrie.


@CandidCarrie: When I don’t eat enough veggies I start cramming v8. I think it is a fine substitute for veggies. I’m wondering if you can convince me that it isn’t.

@DairyCarrie: I love v8, especially with vodka in it. That in itself leads into opportunities to have veggies as well. However V8 is really high in sodium and the low sodium V8 tastes like shit.

@CandidCarrie: Oh shit. Don’t tell me I need to worry about sodium too? I have some honey lemon vodka that is so good in V8


  • There will be more #NonDairyCarrie posts. I hope to do one or two a month. I hope to continue the Food/Farm topic. If you are interested in writing a guest post please let me know!


  • One thing I have not delved into much on here is music. I am a huge Music fan. I hope to post more of my thoughts on music and share some new music with all of you. Of course I would love to have more posts like Matt King’s on here. I will work on that!


  • More recipes! Not just that, but I hope to learn how to take better food photos so that the recipes I make look as good as they taste! I think I am going to call my friend Ellen from here to teach me how to do it!


Thank you for reading my blog in 2011. What would you like to see on DairyCarrie.com this year?


4 Comments on What to watch for in 2012 on DairyCarrie.com

  1. Eric Danzeisen
    January 2, 2012 at 12:12 pm (8 years ago)

    I really only want to read things that you think of in the shower. If you didn’t think of it in the shower please don’t post. Thanks! 😉

    • DairyCarrie
      January 2, 2012 at 12:19 pm (8 years ago)

      All of my best ideas come to me while in the shower… I promise that if you read an idea of mine and it’s good, it’s because I thought of it while I shampooed. If you read a post that you don’t like. I am sure I thought of it while driving or some other task that doesn’t require my brain to be in attendance 😉

  2. Steph
    January 2, 2012 at 3:22 pm (8 years ago)

    I have come to find that just about everything you write about has sparked an interest or two in me! Looking forward to the recipes, maybe you could have a few recipes from others also. Love anything you write about your pets (cows, cats, dogs….) Just an over all fun and good read of the day, something I look forward to! It is just like sitting down and having a chat with a good friend!