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  1. Mandy Deveno says

    The last batch of Horseradish Havarti was amazing! Hats off to my favorite Decatur Dairy Cheesemaker…..my dad!

    Come on everyone…take a chance and buy some good cheese already!

    Thanks Carrie!

    • Eddie Borst says

      I agree with you on the American Processed Cheese Food type but some American Cheese is actually cheese. Cheese is one of my own personal addictions the other is….. peanut butter. You have mentioned some that I have yet to try but I will make sure and put them on my “cheese bucket list” ….. hehehe. Thanks again for another interesting article that is very informative with that right amount of Dairy Carrie humor.

  2. Liz says

    I can’t blame you for being anti-American in this case. I really want to try some of that Horseradish Havrti melted on a nice rare roast beef sandwhic made a nice crusty roll – mmmm. I’ve had other Horseradish cheeses, but not a Havarti and Havarti is for sure in my top 5 favorite cheeses.

    Carrie, I think you’ve got me starting a bucket list of cheeses.

  3. susie rufener says

    Next time at Alp & Del try their Fontiago cheese it is a combo cheese of Asiago & Fontina. Excellent cheese.

  4. Anna Wagner (@AnnaJWagner) says

    Just reading this now. I had the making of a cheese snob back in MN, but moving to WI really solidified it. There is so much delicious, amazing, high quality cheese available! The bf still buys singles, even though he also loves the higher quality cheeses and I can’t stand them. I love Brunkow’s Brunuusto, but it was my aunt back in a Minneapolis suburb that first introduced me to bread cheese that you fry.

  5. Modern Day Farm chick says

    My favorite is Carr valley’s apple smoked Gouda. It’s great with crackers, on burgers, in macaroni…..the list goes on! I will have to try some others on your list. Love trying new cheeses

  6. Carla Vaught says

    Ok Dairy Carrie! I think your favorite cheese store should put together a nice sampler pack of these wonderful cheeses for us amateurs that don’t live in the “cheese belt”! i am not talking about the “Christmas basket” cheese packs but the real, dairy farm cheese packs! It’s a whole new world to us that don’t have access! (like here in ARKANSAS!)
    By the way, I prepared your spinach/artichoke dip for new years. I didn’t have chipotle gouda so I just used plain with more chipotle tobasco and it was still very very good!
    Thanks for the recipe and thanks for the cheese tips!
    Carla in Arkansas

  7. Ronnie Mohr says

    Your title is another negative to American agriculture. For those that do not read the whole writing or do not understand some of the names in it would assume you are against chesses made in America. I also wonder why being any kind of a “snob” is something anyone would want to be. Ronnie

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