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  1. Steph says

    Nice Job Ladies 🙂 Another very informative post. Carrie you ought to see all of the cow stuff I have around here!!! lol Ok soo maybe the cows tend to follow us home in our “stuff” but at least they don’t make a mess!! Will definately agree that a cow kick hurts.. it hurts alot, always figure it is a good day when I make in through milking and haven’t gotten kicked, stepped on or squished!! Loved the picture of the cow at the top of the page!

  2. The Queen says

    Cute interview!! I’ll have to interview some of our “cows” altho technically, they’re steers. For the most part. Love your blog! Off to read your “Rawhide to Velvet” piece!!!

  3. ron says

    Sam is a Belgian horse weighing approximately 1900 pounds and standing about 17.3 hands tall. He is gelded and approximately 27 years old. Now, life with Sam can be interesting. If he ever discovered just how big he was, there would be no stopping him.

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