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  1. Bren says

    the video you shared on your blog … AWeSOME! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Twitter #gardenchat. Gardening is for everyone and we can learn so much from one another from real life experiences.

  2. Mark Lathrop says

    We love all your posts Carrie and this is a good one…reminds me of the time when I went outside to turn off the sprinklers (middle of summer, in shorts, barefoot, in the pitch dark) to find an Opossum who didn’t want me invading his space right next to the sprinkler valve. He let out the most vicious hiss and barred his teeth at me. I was so startled I almost did a back flip getting out of there until I figured out what it was…one of those things you never forget. 🙂

  3. Dharmachick says

    Haha, go mama! I love when the ladies aren’t afraid to use their gun reasonably. Unfortunately for us, we are still living in an mix of urban/rural setting. We’re far out enough in a peaceful dead-end with decent property, but we’re still in the city limits, so that means no “unreasonable” discharge of firearms. However, any critters that gets into our yard and endangers our garden or animals, they will definitely be shot on sight!

    Other than the occasional racket from critters, your farm nights sound so peaceful. I am mildly jealous.


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