Midwest Road Food …. #NonDairyCarrie Project Post #11


If you thought the #NonDairyCarrie Project was done, you were wrong! I hope to keep having guest posts at least once a month. Today’s #NonDairyCarrie post is from my friend Erin. Erin and I met at a Cross Canadian Ragweed concert a few years back. We hit it off right away and even took in the truly EPIC Cross Canadian Ragweed Final Show together. Erin enjoys the road less traveled and photography. In her spare time she’s researching the next destination and putting together a soundtrack to accompany it. She just started writing her own blog eating clean, training dirty, to document her new career path as a personal trainer.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3sfGNfZTV0&w=480&h=360%5D

A youtube video from the final concert. I still wish I could find some video from the Madison show where Cody announced that “we can’t have chicks punching random guys” after someone, who shall remain nameless let her temper get the best of her.


Now that spring break and even summer is fast approaching it is almost road trip time. I used to have a saying, if you can’t get there by car; you have no reason being there. So being a Midwestern girl who loves traveling and her food, almost too much I’m bringing you my best road trip food just in time for the upcoming spring/summer season.
If by chance you find yourself on I-55 in Missouri or near Branson, Missouri you’ll find a café called Lamberts home of the throwed rolls. Yep, throwed rolls. I stopped at the Sikeston, Missouri location last spring and I’m heading to Branson soon and will be taking my family to this experience. I like this place and honestly I probably would have passed it up if a friend didn’t tell us that we have to stop there. I later thanked him for the suggestion. But Lambert’s is awesome, bring your appetite you will need it. Everything is LARGE. Lambert’s provides a menu full of southern specialties, order you’re entrée and they’ll be by with heaping portions of fried potatoes & onions, macaroni & tomatoes, black-eyed peas, fried okra, hot rolls & sorghum. It’s a great stop, cheap entertainment for the kids and heads up for the rolls.
If your travels take you to Michigan, specifically Birch Run, Michigan stop at the outlet mall but most of all, head across the highway to Tony’s. This was my Michigan imitation with my new in-laws. Survive a meal at Tony’s, you can survive anything. I hope you like bacon because if you order anything that has bacon on it, you won’t get 2-3 pieces, you’ll get like 2-3 pounds, no joke. Famous for bacon and the place is always busy. Eat at Tony’s first then walk it off at the outlet mall.
If you find yourself in Detroit and have a hankering for BBQ, head over to Corktown and go to Slow’s. Not a lot of seating here but well worth the wait. This is always popular before and after Tigers and or Lions games. Slow’s has some of the best cornbread and potato salad around. Take a moment and take in Corktown it is my favorite neighborhood in the “D”.
With two locations in Wisconsin one on I-94 east of Madison and I-90 just north of Madison, you’ll find the Pine Cone restaurant. I call this five star truck stop food but forget the actual breakfast, lunch and dinner portion, the bakery is the hit here. Desserts on steroids here, if the kids finish their meal, grab a cookie on the way out! I bet you don’t leave without a purchase from the bakery.
Not really a restaurant but still involves food, if you are outside Cincinnati on I-275; get yourself over to Fairfield, Ohio and to Jungle Jim’s International Market. This is an outstanding pit stop for the kids and the parents. You have to walk through the jungle to get to the store but there is always something happening in the store. Animated displays and hard to find cooking ingredients, seriously what more could you ask for?
Springfield, Illinois is not only famous for Abraham Lincoln it is famous for horseshoes! Where do you get a horseshoe In Springfield??? D’Arcy’s Pint! What is a horseshoe?? It is your choice of meat, served over Texas toast, piled high with fries and topped with homemade traditional or spicy cheese sauce. Ohhh yeah, it is a must. It is available in half or full sizes.
This is just a taste of my Midwest. Now hit the open road and enjoy.

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  1. Jennifer
    March 13, 2012 at 12:44 pm (8 years ago)

    So glad you mentioned the Horseshoe! Never had one at the place you mentioned, but they’re a staple at many diners and family restaurants in central IL. I rarely take a trip home without stopping by the Jackson Street Pub (Macomb, IL) for my favorite chicken pony (half size…never seen someone finish the full size there). You can also get toppings, I prefer tomatoes, but grilled mushrooms or onions are a common option. Oh, and if it interests you, the orignal horseshoe was served exclusively with ham, and two different places in Springfield claim said original. And now I’m hungry, which is really too bad since I just finished my lunch.