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  1. Sandra Spann says

    Yep, feeding kids so that they are full and ready to learn is what it’s about. We all have a stake in that (no pun intended). The schools do teach about nutrition and what they should be eating to be healthy. Unfortunetly, it doesn’t always get through and for many kids, it’s not reinforced at home. BTW…You can let the lunch lady know Elizabeth took left over tuna casserole, broccoli, a KIWI, some romano cheese and a water bottle in her lunch. After school/before band practice snack was pretzels and hummas…and she’s the one that packs her lunch every day.

  2. rushoffthefarm says


    These posts have been great. You are right to be concerned. I know active kids have high metabolisms and need a lot of calories. These policies against obesity are outrageous. I have a 2 year old daughter that is below the percentile scale on body weight for her age. She is small and lean and because of these policies she cannot get whole milk at daycare. There are plenty of kids out there that are NOT obese. And when you create hunger in a kid by limiting their calories at lunch you are messing up metabolism and you can actually make kids fatter that way. Anyway, I appreciate your desire to shed light on this subject and if there is some way that I can help you in this crusade, I would love to.

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