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  1. Nathan Kringle says

    I’m guessing 8:09 AM tomorrow, 10/11/12. For no reason other than the numbers all line up, and she doesn’t look like she could last very much longer. Good luck!

  2. Liz says

    I’m in for 10/11/12 because of the great number combo as well; only earlier, 3:45am – got to keep the number mojo going.

      • dairycarrie says

        Thankfully she actually calves on her due date. But I have 2 more Normande calves coming this month. One more bull and a heifer. Hoping they don’t make me play the waiting game.

  3. Stephany says

    Hmmmm…. not maybe during the night while you are sleeping somewhat soundly tonight! Have you tried checking her and making sure that things are coming in the right direction? I am sure you have… I know it is one of the first things I do when I think a calf should have been born and it isn’t. lol. I know that you and I both are pretty good at knowing the cows signs.. she is sure throwing up a loop! Doesn’t want any labor pictures!! Good luck 🙂

  4. tempo595 says

    Oh, I so have to say 10/11/12. Smidge really needs to have that baby on my birthday! I’m gonna say around 9:59 pm. Come on Smidge, I’m rooting for ya!

  5. Sierra Francis says

    If the numbers line up and you have a 10/11/12 bull calf, then I’d guess just before 10 AM maybe 9:55.

  6. Bailey says

    Oh, she’ll probably calve around 3 am on 10/14/12, just to drag out the sleepless nights some more.

    • dairycarrie says

      I think it will be a beautiful calf when it finally gets here but he still hasn’t made his appearance. Sorry to say, you’re out of the running 🙁

  7. A Kansas Farm Mom says

    10/13/12 at 5:45 am just so you have to stay up all night watching and waiting. 😉 It also appears that you have a chance of rain on Saturday and the fronts always bring the beef babies along.

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