The perfect gift for a farm girl.


So I am a bad Christmas gift guide blogger. I am pretty sure I am going to blame this on the fact that I wrote yesterday’s gift giving guide over the course of several weeks. I forgot one very important item and realized it yesterday afternoon. My friend Kathy Swift is a dairy cow veterinarian and she’s an artist. A really good artist. She is so good that she has her own side business selling her art and cow themed art from other artists on her website….

So what’s the big deal? What kind of art could a cow vet make? Why is Dairy Carrie interrupting our afternoon for one more thing?

Answer, because I can and you clicked on the link to get here so I don’t want to hear it!

Check this out!

This is my charm bracelet from, I got this at this year’s World Dairy Expo from Kathy after Norma won the Alltech photo contest. It is not your granny’s charm bracelet! So far I have the cow charm, as you can see and I also have the ear tag charm. It’s not on my bracelet yet because I am going to have in engraved with Norma’s name and number. I have my eye on a few of the other charms, like this one, that Kathy makes and I am sure that the farm gal on your Christmas gift would go nuts over one of these charm bracelets.

How stinkin’ cute is this!?!?!

Look at the detail on this cow, it’s anatomically correct! It’s like someone made this that knows how dairy cows are supposed to look!

So maybe you’re not a jewelry kind of person. You should still check out because she has all kinds of cow themed art from other artists. Cow themed prints, purses, stained glass, iPhone covers… I mean she really has everything you need to scream “I LOVE COWS” without ever saying a word.

This is the booth at World Dairy Expo. Check out those prints!

So here is the best part, despite the fact that Kathy could hate me forever for leaving her off yesterday’s list, she has given me a special deal for all of you. If you order $25 of merchandise from her website she will give you $5 off! All you have to do is enter the best coupon code I have ever seen dairycarrierocksĀ at the check out and it will take the $5 off your total. Now of course this doesn’t apply to sale items, a girl/cow vet/artist has to make a buck too! And you have to order before 12/31/12 because that’s the rules.


So go and check out, support a small business and a super cool person. Happy shopping!

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5 Comments on The perfect gift for a farm girl.

  1. Stephany
    November 20, 2012 at 10:37 pm (7 years ago)

    Definately going to check it out!

  2. Nancie W.
    October 21, 2013 at 11:28 pm (6 years ago)

    I love the little barn charm she has !! Saw them all in person at Expo. Very high quality !