Alltech thinks that dairy farmers are heroes….


The fountain outside of my hotel in Lexington Kentucky.

So, if you didn’t know, I am currently in Lexington Kentucky attending a conference put on by Alltech called Global 500. Alltech is a global company that makes natural feed additives for animals, they also make beer and bourbon… It’s a cool company… This conference is a learning opportunity for dairy and beef producers from all around the world and I am proud to be a part of it.

As part of the conference Alltech launched a new website and new idea called Dairy Heroes. I got a chance to interview Laurna Fay who is one of the people who worked hard to put this whole thing Dairy Hero idea together. (I promise I will get better at this video thing. Also, I love her Irish accent!)

image This is fun! I just hope that shadow super dairy hero doesn’t get his cape caught in the PTO shaft of the tractor. That would be a sad ending.[/caption]

I don’t see myself as a hero by any means, but when I look at the people around me in the dairy industry and see all that they do I certainly can get behind giving them a big pat on the back.

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