Thundercats are go! Time to make Cow Chow!


Wisconsin seven day weather forecast

This forecast, after a spring of too much rain and not enough dry days to allow us into the fields has us smiling and frantic. The continual cycle of rain, rain, storm, rain then one dry day before more rain has us super far behind in planting and field work. We aren’t even halfway done with planting our corn or soybeans and we are at the critical stage where the seeds must get in the ground if we want any kind of crop this fall. If it takes us too much longer to plant the corn won’t be fully mature when the first hard frost comes and kills it.

So with all of these dry days this week we should be able to get lots of seed into the ground, right? Unfortunately, no. The ground that the corn is going into is still very wet, we need more than just these few dry days to plant. But we’re far from sitting around on our butts because…


Ok, that’s a Juno quote, or an old cartoon reference, I’ll let you decide. But what it means here is that several other crops are ready to be harvested. The wet weather has kept us from the fields and our rye, wheat and alfalfa are all ready to be cut, chopped and made into cow food. To be honest all of these crops are matured past the point of premium nutritional value but we don’t have much of a choice about when to harvest our crops when Mother Nature says no.

I made a video that shows the process of turning rye into cow food. Check it out!



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3 Comments on Thundercats are go! Time to make Cow Chow!

  1. Stephany
    June 3, 2013 at 9:02 pm (6 years ago)

    Glad you are getting the rye off finally! You are not alone in your crops getting planted later, we are taking off two hayfields this week and hoping to get a start on our corn planting! Yes we do not have any planted yet… after last years drought we are not saying about the delays due to the rain!!! The timely rains has made our new seeding that we planted this year grow and grow, it looks amazing! Happy Harvesting and planting. 🙂

  2. Edwin
    June 4, 2013 at 11:13 am (6 years ago)

    Nice video, ohh how I miss working in the alfalfa fields whether it was mowing, chopping or baling. It was much cleaner than cleaning poo. 🙂