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  1. Shari Konkel says

    “in the hopes that I will suddenly take up sewing as a hobby”–HA! I’ve had the same thought, but sadly, eventually pitch the holey jeans into the dumpster because I’m sick of feeling guilty looking at them piled up waiting hopelessly for me to fix them…Very entertaining piece, Carrie–introspective and slightly hilarious.

  2. Christy says

    Ah, you make me miss my days of working on a dairy farm! The owner always kept a sack full of “house shoes” (plastic grocery bags) just inside the door for us to slip over our boots when coming in to get a cup of much needed coffee or a trip to the john (I was at a distinct disadvantage over my (ex) hubby who could just pee in the gutter behind a cow..lol) Now I make my hubby wear them when coming in from work or outside in the winter! It looks and sounds funny, but he admits it sure beats the heck out of removing muddy boots, only to have to put them back on to go right back out!

  3. Wesley Parks says

    I thought my cow calf operation was demanding, keep up the good for work, I’m proud of you

  4. Julie Sosinski says

    1 you make me really miss the farm
    2 don’t be dissin the goodwill barn cloths remember the cows don’t care what your cloths look like. Truthfully im not sure they care whether you even wear any. You might, but they don’t.
    3 if you have that many barn cloths that have hole in less than desirable places light a fire in the burn barrel and toss them in! Then go to goodwill and find a pair of jeans that fit. I know you probably have your favorite pair to wear. But when the unmentionables start hanging out time to chuck them, and hunt for a new favorite pair.
    4 if you can’t find a pair from good will well you have an excuse to go buy yourself a new pair of jeans so you can retire a current good pair to the barn.
    Have fun.

  5. Bekah says

    People only ever seem to stop by my place unannounced when I am wearing the “please don’t let anyone see me in these” barn clothes! Last week- it was the contractor who is rebuilding my poor chicken coop. Not only was I in the most wretched of all barn clothes, I was trying to get a setting hen out from under a bush- on my knees with my backside in the air! I came out from under there with dirt, twigs, bugs, and scratches everywhere. His only comment, “If only I had a camera.” LOL
    Farm life is SO glamorous!

  6. Darcy Golombeski says

    I just happened upon this, I agree 100%. I keep saying that I cannot wait for the day that I get to retire and work on the farm. I love my girls (55) at my home, I work so they can have feed, and I would not ever EVER change it.

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