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    • Rita says

      I enjoyed it as well. I also have dairy cows and gosh, this is just how they are!! It’s so much fun watching them but yes, they always come back to the barn!!! Gotta love our Cows which we do!!! They are SPECIAL!! 🙂 Great Video!!!

  1. Terri Opgenorth says

    The some was just perfect Carrie…I like that when it came on they really did start running around just like they were listening! I was smiling ear to ear during the whole thing. Nice job!

  2. MommyPerks says

    I recently toured two dairy farms as a part of my job. I did a write up on this that included a chat between Rick (hubby) and myself. I asked him the same thing: “Why can’t the cows just be outside all day long? Don’t they WANT that?”

    Rick replied (from my post): “Cows are boring, Shara. They don’t lead an exciting life out in nature. They stand there. That’s what they do. They stand. Here, they are given showers, sprinklers to stand under, 72 degree temps rather than 115, shade, constant food, a pedicure center, full-time on call doctors to treat any illness and time with their friends. If you were a cow, what would you choose? Would you rather stand outside in 115 temps with no shade, looking for your own food? Or would you prefer to be taken care of and never have to worry about where your meals were coming from?”

    I can’t view your video right now because my darn Firefox is acting up. I’ll come back later, however, because I’m very excited to see your entertaining bovine on video. I go to our local dairy farm weekly for the farmer’s market and I tried to snag an interview with a cow last week. They pretty much blew me off. I showed them my Chick-Fil-A cup, too, so they would know I was on their side. Didn’t help.

  3. klierstructuralmovers says

    Nice post on a nice blog. We are grazers so we might completely agree on cows outside, but I agree yours do look healthy! I’ll keep watching your blog. We are starting ours soon.

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