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  1. cheri says

    We have beef cows. I LOVE my cows. I appreciate them. I appreciate what cows do for the whole world. Provide nutrition, help people farm their land, lift peoples spirits when you see babies sleeping or racing around with their tails in the air on a sunny spring day! And nothing better ( well, ok there is 🙂 ) then a sloppy cows kiss and dirt under your finger nails from a good scratching! 🙂
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. Jay says

    I hope this isn’t untenable and obscene – but you said provide an answer.

    Dad got shit on and kicked by a cow he had to hand milk – in that order – cow went “BRRRRAP” and before he knew it, “uhh…I waz just tryin’ to milk her! *BANG!* I’ve not experienced it from a cow, but apparently I come from good people – “let me get straightened out here, that Holstein…what’d I do?”

    He had a farmer, name of Rudish, near as I can guess phonetically, who never let him complain.

    As it used to be, way the hell back when he was 16 – do the math. He left home after his mom died in a fire (I’d have to do some record searching here, but you’re welcome to. Ecorse, MI) and Atlas Varnish (nee Cujo’s Varnish, Jesus’ profound Varnish,) etc came to mind for the owner.

    (Reason I say this – it was whatever damned varnish you wanted at the time, and he was kid labor back in the early ’40’s doing it – fill the can, label it with their shit…important lesson. Read the USDA labels on meat products; see where the hell they came from.)

    I still want rent-a-goat to eat everything they can find and give them not-screwed-up grass.

    I go out of my way to get Mom marked down cheese – few interesting ones. She likes cheese. I’m happy spending my cash for a damned parbake pizza from somewhere.

    As for the cows – it’s like watching M*A*S*H – “would you change the bedpans?” – I already do.

    Mom loves cheese, I love cows, and legalizing goats to feed on crabgrass or whatever is nigh impossible.

    It just sucks that you need a permit to let moocows wander into your backyard. Indians – with their dubious religion – may have a better idea.

    I’ll go use a mulching mower Friday if it doesn’t rain – waste of good cow-feed.

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