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  1. mattmoehr says

    Isn’t Corb also known for having a ranch up there in Alberta? What’s he doing with the cows while he’s on tour? Also the stars and stripe sweater wearing guy in Bible on the Dash is Hayes Carll who puts on a pretty good show too. Enjoy!

  2. swajgermon says

    We had date night Tuesday – no shower, gum boots still on hubby – I at least changed into thongs – and did the drive thru-sit in carpark and eat date! Was nice! But yours would be heaps better. We saw Corb Lund here a few years (7) ago. Brilliant! Hope you had fun and nothing went wrong on the farm.

  3. stuckinaspringfieldrut says

    This is awesome, I am one of the students you talked to last Thursday and I really appreciated you taking the time out of your busy schedule. I appreciated you talking about how you blog about other things not just Ag related or serious stuff at times, much like this post. I really helps tell your own story and it has opened new ideas up for my to share in my own blog. Thank you so much and I hope you continue to talk to our class in the future.


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