Dodge Ram Trucks- The Next Crop- Supports FFA!


I’m a Ford girl. My first car was a calf scour yellow ’73 Ford Mustang. It smelled like dead rodent and suntan lotion. The white vinyl top was peeling and the back seat was missing most of its padding because the critters had pulled it out to make nests, which is why they died I’m sure. Despite my first car being what it was, I have only owned 2 vehicles in my life that didn’t have a blue oval on the front.

That being said, on Saturday, April 26th I am test driving a new Dodge Ram pickup truck. Why, you ask?

Ram Trucks and FFA

Because last night during the Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMs) Dodge announced that in addition to the $1 million bucks that they Dodge donated to the National FFA Organization after last year’s “So God Made a Farmer” ad, they are going to give even more money to FFA.

For every test drive at participating Dodge Ram dealers on 4/26/14, Dodge is going to donate $20 to the National FFA Organization. To find your participating dealer (not all dealerships are taking part) and find out more about this event and idea click HERE and check out the National FFA Blog as well by clicking HERE.

I may just have to take a closer look at having a Ram replace the blue oval in my driveway. I like to support the companies that support my industry and Dodge is putting their money where their mouth is to support the future of agriculture. A big thank you goes out to them for that!


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