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  1. Dairy Larry says

    Happy Birthday, Carrie! I think it’s great that milk processors are stepping up to help facilitate donations of milk from the public to needy people, and I appreciate your help in spreading the word. But I’d like to point out that a group of dairy farmers themselves have already been doing this for the past several years. The Dairy Pricing Association is a young and growing organization of dairy farmers that has been contributing 10 cents from every hundredweight of milk they ship to a fund that makes such donations. Members of DPA feel a responsibility to promote the image of milk to consumers and provide high-quality nutrition to people who could not otherwise purchase it while supporting domestic demand of dairy products through strategically purchasing and removing them from the marketplace. As dairy farmers, we all know that milk prices quickly drop below our cost of production with even a tiny surplus, and the goal of DPA is to gain enough power in the marketplace to prevent this from happening. The great thing is that we can promote our great product and help people in the process of doing this. We’d love to have your help!

    • dairycarrie says

      That’s awesome! I will certainly check it out! I know personally, our family donates several gallons of milk each month to our local community supper.

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