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  1. Jennifer says

    This is how I feel at the agchat conferences. So many types and scales of production of a variety of crops and livestock and yet the people are really not much different. Sure you have different personalities but the mentalities with respect to farming, as a livelihood, are very similar. Can’t wait to hear more about what you’re learning! Hope you’re all having a blast!

  2. Jana Reynolds says

    I enjoy listening to Dr. Lyons speak and he always gets me to think and look at things in a new perspective.

  3. Jackie theriot says

    Was there only 3 weeks ago and enjoyed the wine, baguettes, cheese[camembert], and crystal butter. French was not a problem as I am from Cajun country. Retired sugarcane farmer

  4. Lauren Barker says

    This is so neat! I have always wanted to go out of the USA to see agriculture practices in other countries but whenever I think about it I think of it kind of like a whole different world. You bring up a great point that I think is easy to forget, we are all in this together and we are all farmers.

  5. samijohnson says

    I think that often times we consider farmers on a local scale, this was a great blog reminding us that we are farmers on a global scale. We feed the world, they feed the world, we are all farmers. No matter the lamguage, or location we all have the same goal. Great perspective!

  6. Lynn says

    I really love this! Farmers will always be farmers wherever in the world they may be. I think we often forgot that and sometimes are narrow minded on exactly our specific part of agriculture. But it’s so cool to be able to discuss your passion with someone who doesn’t even understand your language, but you can still make it work and maybe even learn something new from that. How cool it is to remember that just like you said “Farmers are farmers.” 🙂

  7. Maddie Rose says

    I absolutely love this post! I have followed you on Facebook for several months now but when the scholarship program I am participating in, College Aggies Online, told us to follow three bloggers and then post a comment on at least one of their posts, I specifically came looking for this post. I remember reading it when you first posted it a few weeks ago, and even though I only work on a farm as a student and will probably never own a production farm of my own, this post inspired and encouraged me. I think that not only are farmers connected around the world, but so are AGvocates and lovers of agriculture in general! Even though we may all have different ideas and different ways of doing things, we are connected by our love of an industry that means so much to us! Thank you for your blog and for keeping it real, Dairy Carrie!

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