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  1. maggienutter says

    I would gladly take colorful MUCK boots. The standard black are hard to sort out of the pile in the porch or entryway. The match and wear issue is compounded when you have been to the neighbors to help sort, vaccinate or otherwise work cows and their is not only your families boots but the boots of 5 other ranchers. I have a pair of pink ones that I keep in the car for going to town, just incase I end up needing them. I applied a rhinestone on the inner top seam so that I could pick them out from other pink MUCK which has been useful more than once.

  2. Christy Looney says

    Oh, fer heaven’s sake! You stuff the calf into a 100 lb nylon feed sack, butt first. Tie it up around his neck and lay him (her) in the back, works great! I hauled many a calf in the hatchback of my Pontiac 1000 (same as a Chevette, little car))

  3. Leigh Rosengren says

    For those of us who farm in Northern climates, I always buy IceBreaker wool shirts. (Icebreaker.com) Not only are they warm, they’re indestructible AND don’t pick up barn smell 🙂 My hubby’s gonna love his head lamp – fantastic idea.

  4. Lorna says

    I love books, just did a post recommending my fav books for farmers and I included James Herriot’s! I will check out that one – with Herriot in the title, it really caught my eye.

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