Normande cows in Normandy France.


Sometimes it takes me a while to get posts up. Sometimes a while is more than a year. In September of 2014, Hubs and I traveled to France to attend the Alltech Global 500 conference. This post is from our time there. Better late than never, right?

Six years ago our farm purchased a cow at an auction, simply because I thought she was cool looking. At the time I had no idea that the brindle stripped cow we brought home that day was a Normande cross, mostly because I didn’t even know that Normande was a breed of cattle. I also didn’t know that the cow we brought home, who I named Norma, would change my life forever.

Falling in love with Norma, also meant falling in love with the Normande cattle breed. Through internet research I found the North American Normande Association and that helped me to find breeders of these unique cows in my area. Although Norma has passed on, my passion for Normande cows is evident when you look at our herd!

Then I got to opportunity to attend the Alltech Global 500 conference in Normandy, France. The conference was awesome, but I’ll be honest, the tour to visit a dairy farm in Normandy that milks these heritage cows and makes cheese from their milk was the highlight of the trip. I took tons of photos so that I could give you your own tour!

First, a little tour of Domaine Saint Hippolyte, the farm/manor/heaven on earth place that we visited.

The manor was simply amazing! That alone would have made the trip for me but then to get to see the cows that I love so much in their home, well that just made it that much better. Check out these beautiful girls.

Amazing cows and an amazing experience that I can’t wait to do again! Thank you Alltech for providing an amazing experience that not only helped me learn and grow as a dairy farmer but also to check off a bucket list item!

If you’re interested in attending the next Alltech conference, mark your calendars for May 2016 and visit the website HERE to learn more!

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