One foot in today, one foot in the future. #MothersPromise


This is a sponsored post. Which means I was compensated by Pampers for writing it. However all thoughts are my own, as always.

Hey Silas,

Today you turn 7 months old. Right now you and your Daddy are off on an adventure taking Grandma to her doctor’s appointment in Madison. I don’t have too long because Josie needs to go to the vet and there is laundry to be done and I still need to figure out what we’re having for dinner. It’s a typical Monday around here. The kind of day that will blend into all the other days, one that won’t stand out when I look back in 20 years.

By the time you are old enough to read this letter, you will know the feeling that comes with early spring on the farm. Spring is a time of anticipation, it’s a time of wonder as we look forward to the growing season. Soon we will start prepping the tractors, the planters and our tillage equipment. Soon we will plant the seeds that Daddy spent hours considering, hoping to select the right variety for each field we will plant. While Daddy has been pouring over seed catalogs, I have spent hours looking at the newest information released on bulls for our cows and will decide on which bulls our cows should be bred to in order to make the best future dairy cows. At night while you play in your ExerSaucer and chew on your cow, Daddy and I talk about building plans for a new barn. We talk about if we should milk more cows. We talk about how long our current milking parlor will last, we wonder if we should look at robots.

After the seeds have been planted, cows have been bred, the meetings with bankers and builders, daddy and I will wait.

It takes time for crops and calves to grow and building plans to be made. The decisions we make today will take months and years to prove themselves. Since you were born those decisions have meant so much more. Today the decisions we make on our farm aren’t just for us, they are for you. Never have our choices meant so very, very much. Our dream used to be simple, we wanted to farm. Today our dream is to care for our cows and our land in a way that in 20 years, if you decide to join us on the farm there is a place for you.

While people in town like to think the word “sustainable” means one thing, to us sustainable means that our decisions today are made with one foot in today and one foot in tomorrow.

Pampers has asked me to write about what my #MothersPromise is to you and it is this.

I promise that Mommy and Daddy will care for our farm as if it is yours. We will farm with one foot in today and one foot in tomorrow. 

As part of my #MothersPromise to you, I have created a special email address for you and I’m going to send you little notes and photos each month. One day when you get married and start your own family I will give you the password and you’ll have some of the memories Daddy and I made with you when you made us a family. Writing to you about the struggles, triumphs and joy of raising you on our farm will be my reminder of the promise I’ve made to you.

Email to my son

Each month I write you an email and include a few photos.

Just as I want to make sure we make the right choices on the farm, I want to make the right choices at home with you. While I know other diaper brands are cheaper, I think with diapers, you get what you pay for. I find the best value for my money buying Pamper’s Premium Care diapers at Walmart and The experience I’ve gained with you in the last seven months tells me that Pamper’s Premium Care diapers are the right choice for you. Not only are they gentle on your skin and allow your little tush to breath, the extra absorb channels mean they are the only brand of diaper that keep you dry and don’t leak. Daddy likes that he can tell if your wet just by checking for the blue line of the wetness indicator.

Little man, we love you so and from the brand of diapers we buy to the seeds we plant, every decision is made with you in mind.





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  1. Kim
    March 23, 2016 at 11:36 am (4 years ago)
  2. Dawn Panda
    March 23, 2016 at 9:14 pm (4 years ago)

    Doggone it…you made my eyes leak. The hope and promise of that little life, created because you DO believe in the future…well done, Dairy Carrie.