Facebook Live- Learning about the FARM program at World Dairy Expo.


National Dairy Farm Program

During World Dairy Expo I took the time to chat with Jamie Jonker from National Milk Producers Federation about the National Dairy FARM Program on Facebook live. I wanted to share this video here for those of you who missed it.

The video is only 11 minutes long but it’s packed with great information.

We covered a lot of ground but these are the main questions we focused on-

What does FARM stand for? 

What is the FARM program about? 

Are FARM evaluators independent? 

Who trains the FARM evaluators? 

How does the FARM program work for small farms? 

Why is it important for farms of all sizes to have written protocols? 

Are results from FARM evaluations shared with anyone else? 

Where can you go to learn more about the FARM program? 

Unfortunately I’ve seen a lot more misinformation from dairy farmers about this program than I’ve seen facts. I hope this video clears up some of the confusion and helps farmers understand what the FARM program is really about.

You can learn more about the FARM Program by visiting http://www.nationaldairyfarm.com

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