Humans of Agriculture- “The Immigrants” Story.

Humans of Agriculture- “The Immigrants” Story.

“I hope the President of Nicaragua reads this.

I hate the politics in Nicaragua. I wanted the American freedom. The politics in Nicaragua are very bad. There are no jobs, there is no money, there is no freedom of speech.

I like to be political and involved. I used to help out a lot in my town but those in charge did not like that. We were protesting because the government wouldn’t give us identification so we could go across the border to Honduras to work. They beat one of my friends up and he lost his eye.

America is a good nation, it is full of opportunity and everyone has the right to have opportunity in their lives. All of my family is still there but you may as well shoot me here because if I get sent back I will be shot there. ”

“The Immigrant” is the man behind your food. Think of him when you buy dairy products.

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