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  1. krissmarion says

    Best yet, Carrie. Wow. Very articulate representation of the problem: “The solutions to this problem have been put in front of us several times, yet nothing gets done. Who benefits from nothing happening? I don’t. My workers don’t. The country doesn’t. Politicians do, though. They can continue to use this as a wedge issue to divide us. Stoke the passions of both sides, while each side digs in further against compromise. I’ve essentially lost all faith in our politicians doing anything. They benefit too much from having this issue out there to use as fodder for their ambitions of power.”

  2. Jim VanDerlinde says

    Great post Carrie! Trevor is exactly right. All we can do is follow the rules that are given to us. Check the IDentification documents provided to us. Submit the W4 and I9 forms, provide excellent housing and hourly paid wages. Immigration will always be a talking point in the political arena but this country will not turn its back on such a large tax base that foreign born workers provide into our economy each week. It’s not just our dairy farms either. Hotels, restaurants, landscaping, construction, and meat packers employ large numbers of foreign born labor too. Great series this week

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