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  1. Jen Franz says

    Oh Carrie! I hope this is the start of a very long and healthy life for Ben. He’s beautiful! Congratulations! Now get some sleep!

  2. Kim Wolfe says

    Isn’t it amazing that there are doctors in this world who can work miracles like this? Ben is a very lucky boy, and you have a lovely family. Dairy on!

  3. Carol J Burrows says

    Thanks for sharing your story as it will give hope to others struggling with family health issues. Nothing is more precious than family…Blessings…

  4. Pegi Ficken says

    Oh my goodness! Thank you for the last sentence. It makes it all worthwhile. Praying that you have hit all the major bumps in the road and don’t hit any more.

  5. Pegi Ficken says

    The last sentence makes it all worthwhile. Praying that you have no more major bumps in the road.

  6. Patty Bikowsky says

    Thank you for sharing your story. Those of us who follow you but have never met you care about your family. I hope this is the end of Ben’s medical issues because there is nothing worse than a sick child to worry about.

  7. Julie Patterson says

    I’ve kept you and your family in my prayers and I’m thrilled that things sound they are getting back to “normal” for you all. Stressful situations like that are tough, but when you add a family run farm to the mix it can take you crashing down fast…so thankful you have had the support of so many!!!

  8. MaryVW says

    Oh my gosh – holding my breath while I read this. So wonderful to read that it looks like you are out of woods. Yes, a blessing. Welcome Ben and congratulations to you and your family.

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