8 Interesting Instagrammers to follow.


Spice up your IG feed with these Instagrammers to follow! Want to learn more about what raising sheep and goats in Montana looks like? Looking for some new recipes? Maybe you want to learn more about ditching diet culture? Do you love pie as much as I do? Here are a few accounts I find interesting and I think you’ll like them too!


It seems like there are millions of food bloggers on Insta. While the real number is only slightly south of that, this account tops my list. Not only are the photos incredible, the recipes are delicious.

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ITS JUNE DAIRY MONTH!!!!! 🧀Cheese is as much a part of a Wisconsinites everyday routine as any food available. When it is in melted form, it only increases its desirability. Batter or bread it and deep fry it, and you have what almost every restaurant and bar in the state would be crazy not to have on the menu. Fried cheese curds are salty, gooey, savory, crunchy, and extremely delicious. One of my favorite wisconsin cheeses is a fenugreek gouda. It’s sweet, salty and very meltable. Blue cheese is very soft and very strong in flavor, which would normally rule it out as an option. However, when combined with cream cheese, it’s flavor is just right. Form the mixture into small balls with scoops, then freeze them and they are able to be battered as well. Horseradish and chive havarti is very creamy and full of horseradish that cleans the sinuses. Ghost peppers are very popular right now. When they are added to cheese, it makes the cheese much hotter than any other cheese. Call it torturous, but it sounded like a tasty option. The last cheese chosen was a smokey cheddar swiss combo. It’s combination of flavors seemed perfect choice for frying.👏 Herb and Beer Battered Fried Melty Cheese! 🧀 Try this recipe with your favorite specialty WI CHEESE! Woowa! #friedcheese #cheesecurds . .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #foodphotography ⁣ http://www.littlerustedladle.com⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #foodstagram #foodphotographer #foodstyling #thefeedfeed #foodies #onthetable #buzzfeast #foodgawker #gloobyfood #f52grams #instagood #ilovefood #beautifulcuisines #gatheringslikethese #gatherandfeast #theartofslowliving #nothingisordinary #devourpower #droolclub #stilllifephotography #foodgram #advertisingphotographer #gamenight #cheese #gatherandfeast #onthetable #gatheringslikethese #thefeedfeed #foodgawker #savblogawards #homemade #junedairymonth

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Jeff is a friend of mine who took on a major change in life and picked up and moved from North Carolina to Dusseldorf, Germany. If you’ve ever dreamed of eating, drinking and exploring Europe, you’re going to want to follow Jeff. He is living ex-pat life right!


I came across this account while following some Wisconsin related hashtags and I was instantly curious. A combination of cool photos and super interesting descriptions always pulls me in. I know way more about plants and fungus now!


If you’ve been following me for a while you probably know about my Humans of Agriculture series. This account is where the idea of sharing little bits of the lives of those in agriculture came to me from. Following this account is a reminder that when we strip away all the labels, we are all just humans trying to get through the day.

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“My mother was getting old and couldn’t work anymore. We never knew where our next meal was coming from. I had a job cleaning houses, but the pay was horrible. So when I was given the opportunity to come to Spain, I knew I had to take it. But the day that I left was horrible. I’d never been outside of Ecuador. I’d never been apart from my mother. Both of us were crying like children at the airport. I had no idea what I’d find when I arrived. My plan was to make a little money, come home, and start a business—maybe a food stand. Just a little something to make our lives easier. Soon after arriving in Spain, I found work cooking and cleaning at a summer camp. It was in the mountains. It was very isolated. But they were kind to me. They gave me extra jobs and allowed me to stay during the offseason. It was very lonely, but I spoke to my mother every day. And I was able to send home almost all the money I made. After seven years I received my residency papers, and I was finally able to go home for a visit. I’d wanted to surprise my mom, but she has high blood pressure—so I told her I was coming. She was standing in the doorway when I arrived. She held me for the longest time. Everything had changed. The house had been empty when I left. Now there was furniture: chairs, sofas, two beds instead of one. A new stove. A fridge full of food. A television—not even one with knobs. It had a real remote. We stayed up all night talking. I told her all about Spain. Eventually I was able to bring her here. We live together now. I see her every day. And I’m working as a home health aide. So if anything happens, I can take care of her.” (Barcelona, Spain)

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This account is nothing but pies. Incredibly beautiful pies with the most amazing designs. I like to look at these posts and dream about a day where I can cut out tiny, intricate pie crust designs with out my children screaming at me.


I started following Alice Choi several years ago when she was on our local news station talking about food. She makes the most amazing cheese and charcuterie boards, if you’re looking for inspo she is one to follow! I also love her ramen recipe!

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Friday cheese and charcuterie board inspo ❤️ 🧀 …. lately, a lot of comments have been coming in asking for new and different ways on how to arrange cheese .. so sharing this one again. Also, I get a lot of comments telling me I’ve missed stuff or my fruit to cheese ratio is off .. what would YOU like to see on my next cheese board??? Next week, I’ll be sharing a summer inspired cheese board so stay tuned ✌️ . . . CLICKABLE RECIPE LINK in my profile: https://hipfoodiemom.com/2018/06/29/summer-cheese-and-charcuterie-board/ . . . #feedfeed #tastingtable #foodvscocam #foodblogs #bhgfood #foodblogfeed #foodgasm #foodlover #nomnom #forkyeah #cheese #cheeseboard #cheeseandcharcuterie #charcuterieboard #charcuterie #thatcheeseplate #foodblog #foodblogger #thenewhealthy #foodforfoodies #eeeeeats #f52grams #foodie #feedfeed #storyofmytable #foodandwine

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Cara Harbstreet wants you to enjoy living and that includes eating the foods you love. Her messages of body positivity and being healthy at every size are so important to hear. She has a new Intuitive Eating workbook out that looks pretty great!

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I’m so glad to be back at home exuding strong plant lady vibes today, but seriously…why do we act like a 30-day program is the answer for the rest of our lives? Life isn’t an endless repetition of the same 30 days on repeat (or 21 or 7 or whatever other arbitrary time frame these diets want to stick to)…and a lot of people who try these short-term fixes end up back at square one. . You might feel like you’re really living your best life on a diet…and that’s OK if you’re not ready to let that go yet. Unlearning diet culture is hard af but I hope you’ll check out my book if you’re ready to do just that. . Health is not about weight. . Weight loss is not a prerequisite for being “healthy”. . And it’s ok if you still struggle with wanting to lose weight while also breaking free from food rules and restriction. . I talk about all of that and more in this book, which is officially out on July 2. You can preorder now to get your copy ASAP, but in the meantime, I want to hear your “Ah-Ha!” moments…when did you know you were finally done with diets? What was the last straw that made you want to break the cycle? . . . #streetsmartnutrition #nondietapproach #nondietdietitian #intuitiveeating #intuitiveeatingofficial #unlearndietculture #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #bodykindness #bodyrespect #dietculturedropout #dietcultureisameangirl #rdchat #rd2be #kcblogger #midwestbloggers

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Sara is hilarious. That alone makes her fun to follow, but her story as a Montana sheep and goat rancher will keep you coming back.

Hope you found some interesting instagrammers to follow! If you aren’t following me on Instagram, you’re missing awesome photos like this one!

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