2019 Weather Update- It’s bad. Really bad.

flooded corn
We had to check our corn fields with a canoe last fall.
Flooded corn
This is what our corn looked like in 2018 after the flood waters receded.

Hubs and I just sat down to talk about how the wet summer and fall in 2018 put us in a bad spot coming into 2019. Simply put, the weather kept us from harvesting enough feed for our animals. We had a plan for recovery, but Mother Nature is working against us. A brutally cold winter made things worse when about 80% of our alfalfa crop was killed off. Then the 2019 planting season started and we had a chance to recover but instead it just keeps raining putting our farm and countless others in a very precarious spot.

The next 3 months will be make or break for so many dairy farms. Listen in below to hear why.

Learn more about what we feed our cows HERE. You can learn about High Moisture Corn HERE.

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