Top 10 Songs of the 2010s- Plus Music for the 2020s!

Top singles from 2010s

I’m a music lover through and through and so the changing of the decade is a good chance to look back at the top songs of the last decade. The following list is the single that spent the most time at number one on the Billboard charts for each year of the 2010’s. (If you want to know what songs were at the top of the country charts 25 years ago, check out this post.)

Since I listen to a ton of music that doesn’t get the radio play it deserves, I though I’d include a playlist at the end of music you may have missed. You should start 2020 with good music!

Turn it up and dance it out! Or just scroll down to the bottom to get to the goods as you shake your head at what gets played on the radio. No judgement from me either way.

2010- Ke$ha Tik Tok

2011- Adele Rolling in the Deep

2012- Gotye (feat. Kimbra) Somebody I Used to Know

2013- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Thrift Shop

2014- Pharrell Williams Happy

2015- Mark Ronson (feat Bruno Mars) Uptown Funk

2016- Justin Beiber Love Yourself

2017- Ed Sheeran Shape of You

2018- Drake God’s Plan

2019- Lil Nas X (feat Billy Ray Cyrus) Old Town Road

Music You Should Listen To In 2020-

What was your favorite song of the 2010’s? Let me know in the comments!

Bonus- Silas and Ben’s Favorite Songs of the 2010s-

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