You know those people who wear foam cheese wedges on their head? I’m one of them. Cheesehead-hat-hair is the bane of my existence. I am a proud Wisconsin dairy farmer, a mom and a wife. I say things I shouldn’t say entirely too often. I love cheese and beer. When I die I hope to have pre-written one of those funny obituaries that goes viral.  

If you want to know the details, here you go-

I never thought I’d be a dairy farmer. I grew up in Madison, WI with no real ties to agriculture. I am WAS the average American, generations removed from the farm. Then one day when I was 15 I met a guy…and started dating his friend. Fast forward several years and more questionable dating choices and I married the guy I met all those years ago. He wasn’t a dairy farmer (at the time) but his parents were.

My background was in sales and marketing, but my love of animals drew me to trying out farm life shortly after we got married. It stuck and I found out that I was born to be a caretaker of cows and the land.

Today my husband and I farm in partnership with his parents on our 100 cow, 300 acre farm in Southern Wisconsin. I am the crazy cow lady of the neighborhood.

In 2011 I started this blog on a whim. I hoped people would read it and… they did. The little hobby blog turned into a thing. Now I am lucky enough to split my time between the farm and traveling all over talking to people about farming and talking to farmers about talking to people about farming. You can learn more about that HERE.

Just when I thought I had things under control, we had a baby. He’s amazing. I probably won’t sell him on craigslist, although I do think about it from time to time.

2018 Update- Whoops we did it again. I am officially a boy mom x2 now. I’ve decided that if I do sell the boys, it will be on Etsy, because they are handmade!

I’ve written a few other places too-

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