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I buy organic tomatoes.

Organic tomatoes

I don’t think any farmer, our family included, would produce a crop that we wouldn’t feed our own children. I am completely confident that our non-organic farm is just as good for the environment and produces a completely safe product and yet I still buy organic tomatoes.  Read more…

8 Interesting Instagrammers to follow.

Instagrammers to follow

Spice up your IG feed with these Instagrammers to follow! Want to learn more about what raising sheep and goats in Montana looks like? Looking for some new recipes? Maybe you want to learn more about ditching diet culture? Do you love pie as much as I do? Here are a few accounts I find interesting and I think you’ll like them too!  Read more…

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We put our trust in you.


The McCloskey family has to put their trust in a lot more employees than we do on our farm because their work load is bigger than ours. But at the end of the day, both of our families have to put our trust in others. When something happens to break that trust, video camera or not, that is the ultimate betrayal.  Read more…

June Dairy Month 2019!

Farm Boys

A big part of writing is developing the habit of writing and I have definitely gotten out of the habit. So, in order to get myself back to writing I made a goal. This month I am planning on posting a new blog every weekday. In an effort to not drive myself insane, I’ve given myself two days off each week and some of these posts will be guest posts.  Read more…

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