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The Hungry Truth- Judge Not.


View this post on Instagram Choo-choo. #babysilas #train #thatsweatertho A post shared by Carrie Mess (@dairycarrie) on Jan 3, 2016 at 8:09am PST Today I packed up Silas and headed to the grocery store. I hate grocery shopping because it never fails that I will see some sort of label claim or marketing gimmick that […] Read more…

Join us in giving Farm Toys for Tots!


Recently there has been a big stink raised online by some animal rights activists over this toy that Walmart sells. The activists have decided to call this truck and trailer rig a “Slaughter Truck” and are all up in arms over having kids play with this toy. They are currently petitioning Walmart to remove this […] Read more…

What about Africa?


I’ll be honest, when I think of Africa, I think desert, famine, elephant poachers and war. Certainly these are not feel good things. My vision of Africa has been shaped by the nightly news and infomercials asking for donations amounting in no more than the price of a cup of coffee to save children. In […] Read more…

Have you heard about the Great American #MilkDrive?


Today is my birthday and I have a special request. Will you help me, help others? Maybe you’ve missed it. Maybe you didn’t know. Maybe you heard something about it but got sidetracked by another one of those cute cat videos. Damn those cute cat videos! Help America’s Dairy Farmers (like me!) and Feeding America […] Read more…

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