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You put your hand where?….. #NonDairyCarrie Project Post #1


So here it is… The much anticipated #NonDairyCarrie Project Post #1! Our first post comes to us from Krista,  as she puts it she’s “a runner, writer and former journalist who’s called Wisconsin home her whole life. She’s lived in Madison for three years. She loves milk. She’s never milked a cow.” I have never […] Read more…

The #NonDairyCarrie Project


A guest blog over on got my big toe wet in the world of blogging a few months ago. I blame thank Janice and Michelle Payn-Knoper’s (Check out help at #ACFC11 for getting this blog on wheels. After reading this post yesterday by Darin Grimm I decided that I should host a series of guest blogs […] Read more…

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