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Fast and Delicious Fruit Coffee Cake


So for those of you who really need exact and precise recipes to follow… this isn’t one of them. Instead consider this an idea guide with a few tips because this is the kind of recipe that calls for experimenting! Pretty hard to screw it up so let down your¬†girdle and get a little wild…. […] Read more…

Pin Worthy Toffee with Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt.


So just in time for last minute Christmas baking I wanted to share a super simple and super fast Toffee recipe that you’re sure to love! Butter, Sugar, Chocolate and Salt, that’s it! Toffee with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt. 2 Cups Butter 2 Cups Sugar 1 Cup Dark Chocolate chips. 2 Tbs Sea Salt […] Read more…

And This Little Piggy Went To Market… With Recipe!


Yesterday was the day I’ve been waiting for since November. Back in November we picked up a few 60lbs feeder pigs to raise for their porky goodness. Yesterday we picked up our perfectly cut, portioned and wrapped pork from River’s Edge Market in Jefferson. This is the second year we have raised a few pigs. […] Read more…

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