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2019 Weather Update- It’s bad. Really bad.

Flooded corn

Hubs and I just sat down to talk about how the wet summer and fall in 2018 put us in a bad spot coming into 2019. Simply put, the weather kept us from harvesting enough feed for our animals. We had a plan for recovery, but Mother Nature is working against us. A brutally cold […] Read more…

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It takes a village to milk a cow.


Every farmer has their strengths and weaknesses. On farm consultants help us make sure we are making the right decisions and problem solve when issues pop up. Some farms do it all themselves and some don’t each farm does what works for them. We have to know a lot about all of these topics, but we rely on experts to get it right.  Read more…

What is a calf hutch?

Calf hutch windows

Across the US on farms both large and small, the vast majority of dairy calves live in a calf hutch for the first weeks of life. A calf hutch is an individual pen with a shelter and an outdoor area. It’s a common misconception that calf hutches are the same as veal crates, that’s not the case  Read more…

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