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It’s a boy!


#NormaTheBestCow ever had herself a little doctor’s appointment last week. This wasn’t just any appointment this was the appointment where we all got to find out if she would be having a girl (Heifer) or a boy (Bull). Yes, believe it or not cows get pregnancy checked by ultrasound just like humans. I think it’s […] Read more…

You put your hand where?….. #NonDairyCarrie Project Post #1


So here it is… The much anticipated #NonDairyCarrie Project Post #1! Our first post comes to us from Krista,  as she puts it she’s “a runner, writer and former journalist who’s called Wisconsin home her whole life. She’s lived in Madison for three years. She loves milk. She’s never milked a cow.” I have never […] Read more…

Cows Get Report Cards?


‘Tis the season… No I don’t mean Thanksgiving or Christmas… I mean ’tis the season for finals, presentations and the ever important parent-teacher conferences. If you’re a parent or a student you may be experiencing some anxiety. Did my child do well? Does he/she participate in class? Does he/she make friends easily? Or… Did I study enough to […] Read more…

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