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Dumping Milk.


Are there antibiotics in milk?  I’ve talked about “dumping milk” before from cows that have been treated with antibiotics or have milk that is otherwise unfit to sell. Some people still seem to be unclear about what dumping milk means. So I took photos. Hope it clears up any misconceptions about what dumping milk means. […] Read more…

Twin calves on the dairy farm.


This last Saturday we had a super special delivery! The cow stork brought us a set of twin heifer calves. Thanks to the technology of Ultrasound and our veterinarian we knew ahead of time that this cow would be having twins and that they would both be heifers. Just like in humans twin births add […] Read more…

Norma’s Story.


Many of you know that I lost Norma (The Best Cow Ever) last week. I have truly appreciated all the kind words that you have shared with me on facebook, twitter and other ways. There have also been many questions about why Norma died and what exactly happened. Norma would be disappointed in me if […] Read more…

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