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Have you met my friend Dairy?


I know it’s May but we are going to flip the calendar back a couple months and talk about March for a minute, OK? March was a big month for me, in a 5 day stretch- I was named the Wisconsin Ag Women’s Summit’s Agvocate of the year. Which was an incredible honor and I […] Read more…

Dear Speaker Paul Ryan,


  Dear Speaker Paul Ryan, The families and farms in these photos have been forgotten. On Monday, 75 Wisconsin family farms received a letter from Grassland Dairy Products Inc, informing them that at the end of this month, Grassland will no longer be able to purchase the milk from their farms. The farms affected by […] Read more…

Humans of Agriculture- “The Immigrants” Story.


Humans of Agriculture- “The Immigrants” Story. “I hope the President of Nicaragua reads this. I hate the politics in Nicaragua. I wanted the American freedom. The politics in Nicaragua are very bad. There are no jobs, there is no money, there is no freedom of speech. I like to be political and involved. I used […] Read more…

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