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9 Things to do in Madison During World Dairy Expo.


So I’ve already talked about where to eat while you’re in Madison. Now it’s time to talk about things to do in Madison while you’re here for World Dairy Expo. Yes, I am aware that there are plenty of things to keep you busy without ever leaving the World Dairy Expo grounds, but honestly, sometimes […] Read more…

10 Places to Eat in Madison During World Dairy Expo (or Anytime).

Where to eat in madison during world dairy expo

I’m going to let you guys in on a horribly kept secret. I did not grow up on a farm. Some of you probably know this already because I don’t actually keep that secret, but whatever. Not only did I not grow up on a farm, honestly my only solid connection to the dairy industry […] Read more…

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Germany, Bayer and Patents.


In early September Hubs and I kissed Silas and the cows goodbye and headed to Dusseldorf, Germany for 5 days. I had been invited by Bayer CropScience¬†to attend “The Future of Farming Dialog” at their Global Headquarters along with a group of bloggers from around the globe and I scraped together enough frequent flier points […] Read more…

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