Learning to love the awkward and embarrassing parts.


Let’s step away from all of the farm talk for a minute and change pace around here. Recently, (not really, I’ve know about this for years) it has come to my attention that I tend to make odd faces when I talk, which translates into some awkward photos. I have realized this even more so in the […] Read more…

The perfect gift for a farm girl.


So I am a bad Christmas gift guide blogger. I am pretty sure I am going to blame this on the fact that I wrote yesterday’s gift giving guide over the course of several weeks. I forgot one very important item and realized it yesterday afternoon. My friend Kathy Swift is a dairy cow veterinarian […] Read more…

Norma’s Story.


Many of you know that I lost Norma (The Best Cow Ever) last week. I have truly appreciated all the kind words that you have shared with me on facebook, twitter and other ways. There have also been many questions about why Norma died and what exactly happened. Norma would be disappointed in me if […] Read more…

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