Twin calves on the dairy farm.


This last Saturday we had a super special delivery! The cow stork brought us a set of twin heifer calves. Thanks to the technology of Ultrasound and our veterinarian we knew ahead of time that this cow would be having twins and that they would both be heifers. Just like in humans twin births add […] Read more…

Christmas Eve in the Country.


My husband grew up Catholic. However since things were often too busy on the farm to run the kids into Sunday school my husband and his siblings grew up attending Sunday school at the Moravian church just down the road from them. This church is just a few short miles down the road from the […] Read more…

The next chapter starts …… Now.


I’ve set this post up to publish at the same time as I am starting down the next fork in the road. I shouldn’t make it sound like I am the only one on this journey, my husband is very much by my side on this particular journey. But this morning he is at work […] Read more…

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