Why the heck am I heading to Kansas?


When I started my blog last year I wasn’t really certain that anyone would care to read what I had to say. Of course I had big dreams of people flocking to my blog in mass numbers but honestly I started writing this blog more for myself than for anyone else. Today when I look […] Read more…

Vote for Team Dairy


Let’s all admit it, Dairy Cow Know How is exactly what we are looking for in our next president. These girls have experience getting stuff done. They are production leaders. They do the job they are supposed to do, without having to hide anything. Honest, dependable, trustworthy. Vote #TeamDairy!   Want to know more about Shirley Cow? […] Read more…

Norma gets Artificially Inseminated.


So yesterday, exactly 21 days after Norma was in heat, which I wrote this post about  finding Norma a bullfriend, Norma was again in heat. This means that her first breeding wasn’t successful and we needed to try again. This time I had my camera handy and got photos along the way. Probably needless to say, if […] Read more…

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