Hay Drive Info


Thank you for taking the time to read this! Here is the short and skinny of our Hay Drive… Because of the extreme drought in Oklahoma and Texas, we have organized a hay drive to send semi loads of donated bales of hay South. We are working with local ag organizations to make sure the […] Read more…

The Dairy part of Carrie


So if you’ve read  this post you already know that I wasn’t born into the whole Dairy thing. However I think I have found my calling, caring for dairy cattle. Now considering as a kid I always said that I “wanted to have a farm with cows and critters like my Aunt M” but always added […] Read more…

In One Year….


One year ago today my little sister got married. I love her and her husband, but it wasn’t exactly a secret that I thought they were too young to get married. My sister, in part due to the lives we were dealt is more mature than most women her age (She is now legal to drink) but […] Read more…

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