Speaking and Partnerships

I am a dairy farmer, boy mom, blogger and agriculture keynote speaker. I love to share and help others share the story behind the food we eat. You can learn more about me HERE.

Agriculture keynote speaker- Carrie Mess

What they say about Carrie as an agriculture keynote speaker-

Carrie is a badass who speaks very well, and keeps things entertaining. Not only will you learn from her, you’ll laugh at…well, WITH her. I definitely recommend her.”

“Carrie brings the world of a farmer, woman, traveler, and mother to life. She brings humor and the joys of the dairy and ag world to audiences of all types. Whether you’re a farmer, marketer, social media guru, or have another role in our food industry, Carrie’s insights will inspire and motivate – and, they’ll make you laugh.”

“Two words come to mind when I’ve seen the Dairy Carrie show: Real & Raw”

I love talking to both farmers and our customers about important topics surrounding the agriculture industry as a keynote speaker and breakout leader for groups of all sizes. I cover a wide variety of topics that will keep attendees laughing, engaged and thinking!

I love sharing the story of how food gets from farm to table. Interacting with and having the hard conversations surrounding food security, food choice and those who are passionate about food. If you are a brand that wants to connect with your customers in a meaningful way, reach out to me.

I love to cook. New flavors, old standbys. Fresh and local or exotic and rare. I want to share it all! Have something interesting or new that you think my readers would like? Let’s talk!

If you would like more information on hiring me please email me at carriemess@gmail.com

Watch me speak at the United Dairymen of Idaho Annual Meeting in this clip.