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Dumping Milk.


Are there antibiotics in milk? I’ve talked about “dumping milk” before from cows that have been treated with antibiotics or have milk that is otherwise unfit to sell. Some people still seem to be unclear about what dumping milk means. So I took photos. Hope it clears up any misconceptions about what dumping milk means. […] Read more…

Alltech thinks that dairy farmers are heroes….


So, if you didn’t know, I am currently in Lexington Kentucky attending a conference put on by Alltech called Global 500. Alltech is a global company that makes natural feed additives for animals, they also make beer and bourbon… It’s a cool company… This conference is a learning opportunity for dairy and beef producers from […] Read more…

Norma gets Artificially Inseminated.


So yesterday, exactly 21 days after Norma was in heat, which I wrote this post about  finding Norma a bullfriend, Norma was again in heat. This means that her first breeding wasn’t successful and we needed to try again. This time I had my camera handy and got photos along the way. Probably needless to say, if […] Read more…

Picking out a boyfriend for Norma. AKA choosing a bull to breed my cow to.


So Norma has reached the point in time in her life where she would like to experience the love of another bovine. Actually since Norma calved back in early August she has had 3 instances of these carnal cravings also known as showing a heat. A cow cycles about every 21 days. These “episodes” feature her “riding” […] Read more…

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