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A watched pot….Smidge the cow.


Meet Smidge, the Holstein Jersey Dairy cow. Smidge is getting close to her due date of 10/12/12 and yesterday started showing my signs that she was going into labor with her second calf. I wanted to show you guys the miracle of birth from start to finish so I started taking pictures each time I […] Read more…

Happy Blogiversary! Thank you!


I think I will let the video do the talking today! Norma for President!    Nothing would make me happier than you sharing my blog with your friends. Please take a minute and share your favorite post with someone you think will enjoy it! Read more…

Worth The Fight. #WorthTheFight


am a music lover. If there isn’t music playing from my computer, car radio, phone or TV you can bet that I have a song stuck in my head. Music makes my day go faster. It helps me unwind after a long day with the cows or a day filled with people I don’t really […] Read more…

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