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Cow Boogers Happen


Sometimes you just have to post a bunch of cute cow nose photos. There is really only one way for a cow to deal with cow boogers. Since they lack thumbs and I refuse to buy them Kleenex until they promise not to eat them, they have to deal with boogers the only way a […] Read more…

Norma’s Story.


Many of you know that I lost Norma (The Best Cow Ever) last week. I have truly appreciated all the kind words that you have shared with me on facebook, twitter and other ways. There have also been many questions about why Norma died and what exactly happened. Norma would be disappointed in me if […] Read more…

Random cow facts.


I couldn’t come up with a good idea about what to blog about today so I went to the Dairy Carrie facebook page and asked for ideas on what to blog about. Natasha wanted to know about the whole cows have 4 stomachs thing and that got my gears turning about all the random things […] Read more…

A watched pot….Smidge the cow.


Meet Smidge, the Holstein Jersey Dairy cow. Smidge is getting close to her due date of 10/12/12 and yesterday started showing my signs that she was going into labor with her second calf. I wanted to show you guys the miracle of birth from start to finish so I started taking pictures each time I […] Read more…

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