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Favorite Farm Baby Finds (Plus a Few Fails!)


I am starting this post off with two disclaimers. First, I am only 15 months in to this whole mom thing and with only one kid. I AM NOT AN EXPERT. However, I have figured out a few things that worked well for us and a couple things that at best were a waste of […] Read more…

The summer of 2015 has changed our farm and family forever.


This summer has been hectic. For those of you who don’t follow my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds, you may have missed some big news that I shared this last winter. That’s right, despite swearing for years and years that we weren’t going to have kids, Hubs and I pulled the ultimate switcheroo, changed our […] Read more…

A watched pot….Smidge the cow.


Meet Smidge, the Holstein Jersey Dairy cow. Smidge is getting close to her due date of 10/12/12 and yesterday started showing my signs that she was going into labor with her second calf. I wanted to show you guys the miracle of birth from start to finish so I started taking pictures each time I […] Read more…

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