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10 Things Learned From Beef Cattle


Hi, I am Dexter Small a sixteen-year-old sophomore in high school from Kansas who enjoys showing cattle, sheep, and wrestling.  Carrie and I have been friends since I named show heifer after “The Best Cow Ever” Norma.  We share the same taste in music as we both love Red Dirt and our favorite song is “Cows Around” […] Read more…

The Real Beef Sustainability Story


Hey everyone! My name is Kacy, and I’ll be taking over Carrie’s blog today. I live on a cattle ranch in southeast Wyoming, that is well, 10 miles past nowhere. It’s remote, rugged, and beautiful, but leads to sort of a crazy life where we end up still doing most things the old-fashioned way. But I […] Read more…

Humans Of Agriculture- Debbie’s Story.


Humans of Agriculture- Debbie’s Story. “Two years ago, my life changed forever. Two years ago, my son started to get sick and we had no idea the roller coaster we would be on. Two years ago, my identical twin sons were planning their high school graduation party, when one of my boys started itching on […] Read more…

Humans of Agriculture- Shelley’s Story.


Humans of Agriculture- Shelley’s Story. “I am a working Mother . . . maybe not by traditional standards. I don’t commute to an office, I don’t earn a monthly paycheck, and my business attire usually involves wearing a cap. I get up early . . . so I have a little time for myself before […] Read more…

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