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Thee Potato Salad Recipe.


WordPress won’t let me underline “The” in the title of this post so you understand that this potato salad recipe is the best thing ever, so I added an “e”.  I hope the extra vowel helps convey how delicious this potato salad is. If it doesn’t, the fact that it contains bacon and cheese really […] Read more…

Mercy For Animals has released an undercover video in Wisconsin and they are tying it to Digiorno Pizza.

Wisconsin Dairy Farm response to Mercy For Animals

This morning a video that Mercy For Animals (MFA) made on Wiese Brothers Dairy here in Wisconsin was released. The Mercy for Animals video is being tied to Digiorno Pizza because the farm shipped their milk to Foremost Farms which in turn sold that milk to a company that makes cheese that Digiorno Pizza buys […] Read more…

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